Dual Occupancy and Units

Subdividing a large block of land into multiple units is a great way of unlocking the financial potential of otherwise vacant land. It does, however, require careful planning and a thoroughly prepared submission to the relevant council that demonstrates how the development of a dual occupancy and units will meet the planning requirements and impact on the streetscape.

We’ll develop a plan that suits your site and your specific requirements, whether you want to retain the existing house and develop the backyard, or clear the site for a number of new houses or apartments.

Understanding the regulations

Councils approve (or decline) dual occupancy and units on the basis of design, density and overall visual appearance. Having completed a number of successful unit projects in Melbourne, we are well placed to help design and prepare all relevant documentation for a council application for your project. Once the town planning permit has been provided, we can finalise construction-ready documentation for you to take to your chosen builder.