Step 1 – Client preparation

Do you want to renovate an existing space or knock it down and start again? Are you after a double story extension or have you decided to stick with one level? We don’t need to get into design specifics at this stage, but we do work with you to map out the approximate scope of what you’re after. The more thought you can give to the types of rooms and spaces you want created and which areas of the house you want to address, the more quickly we can move onto the design stage.

We often suggest clients talk to a builder at this early stage too. Builders usually won’t be able to give you a specific quote without designs, but they will give you a ballpark of construction costs. It’s much better to learn that your dream extension is beyond your budget now than once designs have been drawn up and paid for.

We also a chat with your financial lender at this stage to assess how much you can and should borrow. While you won’t be committing to an exact budget at this point, having a rough idea in mind will allow us to frame what’s possible.