Ground floor extensions

You’ve probably already been given plenty of opinions about how to best extend your house. Just make sure you get a professional opinion for your ground floor extension as well! The truth is, you usually only get one opportunity to get an extension right.

Having strong spatial skills and a solid experience in design is essential to extracting the most out of your budget and your building. Often, a small modification to an area of the house you hadn’t considered can open up an entirely new way of meeting your objectives.

Once we’ve fully understood your requirements, we’ll consider the full range of options and techniques available and take the time to talk you through each one. All our pricing is site and job specific so you may be surprised at how affordable an extension can be.

If your current building budget doesn’t quite cover your dream extension, you may wish to consider a staged development. Provided the designs and the structures of the building are taken into consideration, future stages can usually be completed at a later date when funds allow or as the family grows and changes.

Understanding the regulations

All house extensions require a full set of plans and permits that address building regulations and council by-laws. Essentially, these regulations are designed to protect your neighbours, the community and the house itself.

In situations where your desired extension is unlikely to conform to building regulations or council by-laws, we can apply and process dispensations to provide an acceptable alternative solution.

Maybe you also require town planning?

Why not combine a first floor extension.