First floor extensions

If you own a block of land there’s a fair chance you also own the airspace above it.

While first floor extensions generally take longer to design and document and often cost more, they also offer benefits that a single story option usually can’t: preservation of your backyard and an enhanced design layout.

Vertical extensions can increase the value of your home considerably, but only when done properly. Everyone has seen a contender for ‘worst extension ever’, where it looks as if a box has fallen out of the sky and landed on a house. The unfortunate truth is, these are simply the result of poor planning and bad design. And given that materials and labour costs are the same, they often end up costing just as much as quality extensions.

At Drafting Edge we bring a thorough and considered approach to your extension. We combine intelligent design with rigorous planning and we have a commitment to precisely understanding your needs. The result is a first floor extension that is integrated seamlessly into your current house design and surpasses your original expectations.

Understanding the regulations

Building regulations and council by-laws will need to be considered for all first floor extensions. We always address these aspects during the design phase to ensure the project fulfills its maximum potential.  In situations where your desired extension is unlikely to conform to building regulations or council by-laws, we can apply and process dispensations  to provide an acceptable alternative solution.

It’s important to note that some houses will not by suitable for a double story. The structural requirements created by the increased weight may be unfeasible or, in older houses on poor soil, reinforcing or underpinning the house might prove too expensive.

These are the exceptions though; most houses can benefit from a first floor extension. Contact us to arrange an assessment of your home.

Maybe you also require town planning ?

Often the best first floor extensions will combine internal renovations or a ground floor extension